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Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program

Allison Elementary School
2024-25 School Year

Students in dual language programs are presented with the social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Dual Immersion Program?       

A: A Dual Immersion Program is an educational model where students are taught in two languages, typically from a young age, with the goal of bilingualism and biliteracy.


Q: What is your program model?         

A: Our program is a 50/50 educational model, which means daily instructional time will be divided into two equal sections and students receive half of their instruction in English while the other half in Spanish. 


Q: What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a Dual Immersion Program?       

A: Enrolling your child in a Dual Immersion Program offers numerous benefits, including bilingualism and biliteracy, enhanced cognitive abilities, and improved academic achievement. It fosters cultural awareness, empathy, and global citizenship, providing a competitive edge in the job market. Additionally, learning a second language can strengthen a child’s first language skills, promote social and emotional growth, and encourage cognitive flexibility. Overall, the program prepares students for success in a multicultural and multilingual world, with long-term educational and career advantages.


Q: Does my child need to take an assessment to enroll in the Spanish DLI Program?

A: Children entering kindergarten or 1st grade can enroll in the program without an assessment, provided there are available spots. However, if your child is beyond 1st grade, they will need to take an enrollment assessment to determine eligibility, which includes proficiency tests in both Spanish and English.


Q: Will my child’s English suffer if they are learning another language in school ?       

A: No, research shows that learning a second language can enhance overall language skills. Dual immersion students typically achieve the same level of proficiency in both languages over time.


Q: How can parents support their child’s learning in a Dual Immersion Program?

A: Parents can support their child by reading books in both languages and engaging in cultural activities related to the second language. Additionally, maintaining regular communication with teachers can help reinforce learning at home.


Q: What happens if my child struggles with one of the languages in the program?

A: If your child struggles with one of the languages, it's important to speak with their teacher for additional support, as it is not abnormal for students to face difficulties while learning another language. After-school tutoring and year-round access to online learning applications are also available to help reinforce language skills.

If you have further questions please contact the principal or resource teacher at (909) 397-4556.